It is ready for harvest?

I’ve been growing for 3 years now, but I never understood why some parts look ready and some don’t.

The photo below are from my current plants, parts seems ready and the other looks like it just started to flower, can someone weigh in.

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Looks a little early still. Do you have a loupe or magnifier to check trichomes?

Took the photo right now, yeah pretty clear to me, they take a very long time to become ready

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It looks like she’s foxtailing a little, so try to check order buds when you check trichs. But yeah, looks like you still have a little time.

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Still clear probably 3-4 weeks min

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Not an expert, but the pistils are still white. But the trichomes look to be maturing quick. 2 more weeks minimum I think. Wait 5 days and check trichomes again maybe

4 weeks have passed from the last photo’s I posted. 10 days ago added Ripen which I absolutely love to use, the EC went from 1.3 to 4.6 which indicates a lot of the nutes in the plant where leeched out. Yesterday did the final water change with RO water only nothing else. Seem’s ready to go in 2-3 days. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.