It is normal? 4 week of veg and start in flowering stage?


Hello fellows growers!!
It is normal to one of 4 plants start flowering
In 28 days from seeds?
It is a autoflower cali og kush 00seeds
The gsc still on veg and the ak48
•Light 16/8
•Ph 5.8 / 6.2
•General hydroponics fertilizer
Here some pics…

Need to separate from the others to start 12/12 flower stage in her??



Autos will flower when they see fit lighting time is not important thats why one has already started you should be just fine


My autos started flowering at 28 days. Auto flowers don’t necessarily need a 12:12 schedule. I went 20/4 thebwhole way. However, moving to 12/12 can help jumpstart the others. But there is no need to separate them if they are all autos


Flower early is what auto’s do. Keep on doing same. All is good.