It doesn’t show any purple like how the blue dream were in the videos. Is it supposed to be purple?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have received the seeds. I wonder if this blue dream is all female and good genetics? If it’s good I’ll order lots more. I’m concerned because I ordered a package of 25 seeds from other seeds bank before and it was terrible, it became four different strains not even the strain that I wanted. Wasted all my time and effort. Hoping I would have better luck with these ones I got and won’t be disappointed. I had order 10 seeds of blue dream. And it look like 2 different strains to me. It’s 3 weeks of flower. It doesn’t show any purple like how they are in the videos. Is it supposed to be purple? I’m kinda worried. I was really looking forward for these blue dream. I’m wondering if it needs support to turn purple? The videos I saw, it turned purple when bud are showing. And the customer that show the pic on the website, it’s really purple but mine is white. I’m new to the strain. What is the ppm off the nutrients? Soil is pro mix. Light is hps 1000. Ph is 6.0 to 6.3. Indoor grow with temp for the day at 26 c and at night is 16 c. Humility is 50-60 and there’s no c02. Thank you for any advice you can give me.”

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When your growing from seed , you can have pheno difference.
Like two sisters from same parents one can have blonde hair the other brown. Even if the parents bother have blonde…
It’s genetics, and even so you cold lower your night cycle Temps to try to induce the plant to turn purple, but this only works if the pheno is pre-disposed to turn.
However if you purchased the seeds from Ilgm then I can assure you that you got what you paid for


@Nug-bug has given good advice and info
Judging by your pictures you are around mid flower and still have weeks to go
They will change in the last weeks of flower as well in most case if the plant changes color as nug mentioned some willnot
Also getting night temps below 60 or lower will also help with this in the last weeks
Happy growing :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:
And as stated you can be sure you got what you paid for with IGLM


they look extremely healthy and well done I have purple strains which don’t always purple the purple is actually typical result of nutrient and temp manipulation as you touched on. I don’t suggest intentionally depriving plants to encourage color change but if you are using boosters they can actually hinder color development. Particularily PK boosters

Experienced growers manipulate both nutrient availablity and PPM level with temps to trigger a near deficient state sometimes the purple pheno is so strong conditions don’t matter

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