Ist Time LSD Outdoor Grow Video - 2nd week of Flower

Here’s a summary of my 1st grow - 3 plants LSD Strain. Make fun of me all y’all want haha…


Hey man like the video
I just harvested @lsd plant your going like them lol
Happy growing

thanks for checking out the video, yeah made a lot of mistakes but if I get to harvest I will have some results to show for the time/effort. Enjoy your harvest! How’s the strain?

Nice footage!!

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btw here’s a lesson learned, if you’re using Fox Farm nutes do half strength I did the mfg recommended and it burned my plants. Lots of people have said only do half strength but I’ve heard it’s a strain by strain basis and some can take the full nutrient load. LSD can’t it seems…

anyone else already harvesting who is growing this strain? ILGM did say expected harvest mid-september but most other sites selling this strain say Oct. Did a staged harvest, had to process some of the buds that were getting crispy, all of the pistils were rust colored and some were just falling apart. I checked the trikes and they barely started turning amber so I guess I’m at peak THC although I like more CBN personally but I didn’t think I could wait on those really burnt looking buds. Letting the rest get a nice amber before I finish my harvest.

ended up with 13 1oz mason jars of bud and a few oz of trim. Varying potency, did staged harvest. Damn caterpillars made me harvest my biggest buds too early. Next year I’ll be looking and spraying for them. I either got to grow more weed or give less away haha… I just cracked open my last jar. Merry Xmas.

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yes I have a pH meter which is how I was adjusting the water for the plants I was hand watering. The one in the ground was just an experiment to see if I could just grow on “auto” with my sprinkler system. Bad pH - stunted plant. But there’s always NEXT YEAR!!! Which is now! Happy Spring everyone.

I created a new channel so my cannabis stuff wouldn’t get my main account killed. Going to be documenting my 2nd year grow. Let’s see if I improve on my 1st year! Happy Spring everyone. Get those seeds germinating!!!