Issues with White Widow autoflower

From a fellow grower: I’ve gotten some White Widow Autoflower from you guys to a third party and two of the plants to look nothing like I’m not sure if they’re male or what they are but I’m sending you a picture if you could tell me I would appreciate it thank you

Possibly hermied? Or just really strange alien buds :laughing::man_shrugging:t3: @PurpNGold74 @CoyoteCody @Covertgrower ? Only people can think of right now too early :laughing:

Female, just swollen calyxes. Looking good. Almost time to chop soon.


Dear all,

First of all, I just want to say your support staff is AMAZING! And your products are top-notch. My final white widow plant is ready to harvest, and every plant before this has been great. Except for some beginners mistakes, we still ended up with a nice yield overall.

This last plant had the look of our biggest yet and I have been eagerly awaiting the harvest. Oddly, though, this plant didn’t produce trichomes like the previous plants. I have NO idea what I did differently and I don’t want to replicate the same mistake with Mr. Bergman’s Gold Leaf (which is week 4 of flower and is looking STUPENDOUS!). I am attaching photos of previous white widow from the same batch of seeds and the latest for comparison. The first picture is from a previous harvest and the last two are from my mystery plant. Any advice your people could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and have a great day! I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANAUploading: 05015920-B136-4D2D-A621-8835D1D1C561.jpeg... Uploading: 50AEE16C-B3F5-49DC-90C0-6FC7D1D6D368.jpeg… Uploading: E2D8F7DF-813F-4F7E-889B-0C6D540CF3F2.jpeg…

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