Issues with seed Delivery and replacement

Unfortunately I have to tell everyone that is looking at this site for the 1st time to set your expectations a lot lower than the site delivers. I ordered seed in January after asking how long delivery would take. Customer service stated 5-7 days. Nearly 3 weeks and several emails laterI got an order confirmation and then delivery. Which means I got the credit card statement before the product.
Then I had issues with Seed germination and asked for a replacement so far that has been a frustration of another 3 weeks and No replacement in sight. and after endless emails with customer service Promise after promise and excuse it does not appear that I am yet to get a delivery confirmation. So when I think I should be nearly at my 1st harvest Im still begging for seed or out my initial investment. They promise discounts on my next order or free seeds on the next order but I ask them to fill the 1st one. How can I give more cash when promises/guarantees have not been kept.

I have to admit I am drawn to this site more than the others mainly because of Janies videos and reviews and the Grow And knowledge based blogs. But I have to say it seems like that is where it may stop.

@ILGM.Stacy can you take care of this?

Be a bit more patient as you posted this on a Saturday and the office is in Amsterdam. So likely a couple of days before you hear. In the meantime; tell us what you are trying to grow and what your technique was to germinate. Maybe there’s something we can do to help.


Thanks for the reply. It is absolutely one of the things I love about this site.

I think if I posted the back on forth emails with customer support for the last 2 months you would see that I have been extremely patient. Even offered to accept other/similar product when they said there were supply issues then later the excuse was that there were issues with the whs. Then finally it would ship out in the next 2 days( this was Wends and still no delivery conformation).

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All I can say is to wait for her to get back to you. She’s good about getting back to you.

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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your feedback.
The reason why you’ve been asked a few questions is because it’s quite rare for so many seeds of different strains to not germinate at all.

So the reshipment order containing the replacements didn’t ship out because we were waiting for new stock. It has been restocked by now and you can expect your order to ship out today.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. You will be able to starting growing again very soon!


Good morning Stacie, and thank you for your prompt attention.

This was a little bit of a test for me. So I used a few different grow mediums. But, Those questions were addressed with Claire at customer service on or around 2/14. Most of the seeds germinated using the paper towel method. The issue came when I put them in the dirt , pods and 6 in rock wool for a hydroponic test.

Nothing in the McKenzie dirt trays broke ground/sprouted. The pods sprouted 3 and the rock wool sprouted 1 plant. So currently I have 4 plants up and running from 40. Not great number by any stretch I will give you. The rock wool was transferred to fox farm soil because I was not going to just run 1 plant hydro. All have been on techniflora fert schedule. Because I had planned on hydro but they are water water fert. Schedule.

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If they germinated the seeds did what they were supposed to do. As much as it might suck I don’t think ILGM would be liable past germination.

Hope it works out for you the four living ones look great!

I don’t wish to annoy anyone, but this sounds more like needing a different method after germination. Cause that ain’t working. And FYI my ILGM seeds are at 100% survival.

To a point I will not disagree with you. There was about an 80% germination rate which I would say would be standard for seed. Honestly if ILGM would have taken that stance (they germinated n not our issue) from the beginning I most likely would have reordered seed from the start.

The issue I have is when contacted they said they would replace. I was amazed I even said in the reply that they were amazing. With every subsequent contact the seed would still be shipped but now delays with supply, then the Whs… The last contact I had with them was last Wedns and customer service stated that order would ship in the next 2 days. To date they have still said that and there is a pending order # and it is unfulfilled.

The issue I have is say what is true. If product will ship in 3-5 days it should. Do what you say you are going to do. If you do not feel the order should be replaced ILGM should have stated that 2 weeks ago. I would have bought at least 2 other buy 10 get 10 free seed deals in the last 3 weeks. I even put the orders in my cart but could not pull the trigger with this order still pending and seeming to go nowhere.

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I was looking back at my purchases in 2019. I ordered seeds in January and in December.
Assuming the order numbers are sequential in those 11 months they sold 120,000 orders.
That translates into 350 orders a day. Add to that they are producing over 80 different types of seeds that have to be produced in a way that does not cross pollinate each other, (separate grow sites/areas) and this is a logistical mammoth. I try to be understanding when it comes to answering emails and fulfilling orders. They always do the right thing, but they must have a HUGE task of answering emails and solving problems. Considering how few people come to the forum with problems, and I have yet to see one neglected and not solved, I have to take my hat off to this company. If I happen to get a standard reply to my emails I can understand. If it was a mom and pop sized business then perhaps it would be a bit more personal. Im sure others will agree that in no way will ILGM neglect you. But it may take a little longer than we would like sometimes.


Very well said. The only problem I ever had was a Customs interception and all I needed was an email with a picture of the notice and all was made right.

@Penno thank you for sticking it out and ultimately I believe you will be very happy with the genetics.

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I hear you nothing like wanting to grow but stuck in limbo.

Stacy @ilgm. I just got a delivery confirmation on the replacement seeds. Thank you very much for your help with this Stacy.