Issues with plants, leaves, lil help is appriciated if possible

I started a few plant off in DWC, 10 gal totes with bout 6 gal water in each, PH i around 6.1-6.3 between the three totes. 1000 wat LED 24 inchs from plant, Before getting grow tent in i had some white fuzzy fly issues. After placing in grow tent i havent seen any critters in nor around nor on them. Heres some pictures, help is always appriciated :slight_smile:

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latest leaf picture

I’m not very familiar with hydro issues but it does look odd to me. Maybe @peachfuzz or @TDubWilly will be able to assist. Best of luck!

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Ph should be 5.8 …
What’s your water temps?
What size air pump and stones are you running?
Are you maintaining a 1 inch air gap between the net basket and water line?
Those would be the first things to look at…
Also what’s your ppm and how old are the plants?


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thank you much. So far it seems like it may be a case of stem rott, bout to break down and go into the inner of the net pot and see what it looks like this morning, wish me luck. Ill post the findins shortly so it may be a learning experiance for others if this is the case

plants due to some earlier set backs of lights not coming in in time,and a light case of root rot in early stages (i trimmed off the roots and they regrew nice and healty at week 3 veg, are currently 9 weeks old still in veg. 1 inch air pocket between net pot and water, ph holding at 5.7-5.9 (fluxs over night to 5.9) i run 2 pumps topfin 8000-170 gal aqurium tank on two and a mini 50 gal pump on one, tubs hold 4.5 gal of water. i use no airstones as i get more water movement without, but have 2 airlines per tub anchored into each. water temps hold at 70-72 every time checked, tent temp holds between 68-74 night/day

not sure the exact ppm,

i run general hydroponics 3 stage , was doing aggresive form, but switched to mild to see if this would clear it up

1000w LED

abnormal leaves and picture of stems as one mentioned may be stem rott

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Trunk looks fine… cover it back up with rocks…
Are you using any beneficial bacteria…?
Or are you running things sterile with hydrogen peroxide…?
Water temps and not enough oxygen in the water is more then likely your problem… your leaves look like there not getting enough oxygen… :wink:


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Please explain the ventilation in your room. How are you pushing fresh air into it, and how are you extracting air from it? Size of fans, etc… also, what is the cubic feet of your enclosed grow space?

To me those leaves look swollen, like they are holding a lot of water and not transpiring properly. I would think that is related to humidity, temperature, and air flow (vapor pressure deficit).

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4x4x8 grow tent, 128 sqft , 9 inch honeywell 3 speed fan on high on bottom duct inlet in pushing 65 degree room temp air in( air conditioner is 2 foot from grow tent) but main room grow tent is in stays 65 degrees. exhaust fan is also 9 inch 3 speed fan (identical fan) in top exhaust duct outlet set on low. this keeps the grow tent at a comfortable 68-72 degrees at all times

per humidity im not exactly sure, gotta pick up a meter this evening in town. also looking at upgrading to a commercial air pump (tho what i got running looks like it could sink a ship if the container was up to scale to the ship.( im getting a choppiness on top of the water service / bubbles popping bout 3 inchs high)

128 cubic feet*

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Well, when you figure out your humidity, this chart might be very helpful:

Hat tip to @Niala for sharing that before.


ty much, im half tempted cutting these down and just restarting, but the love of plants is a constant battle inside on not letting them play out to see what happens