Issues with LSD plants not looking the same

From a fellow grower: I ordered LSD Feminized seeds 5 in all and I appear to have 2 of 3 plants that are little thick bushes that are as hard as hell to get to grow out or tall and the one that did grow like a picture in a magazine. According to what I have read about the LSD Fem strain the tall plant could be a male version of the strain. How is that possible if the seeds are all of the same strain and why do they grow so different in size and shape?. Germinated 3 of the 5 seeds on 10/10/2020. 12/12 will be 10 weeks
I got all the dirt and grow kit from your site so I know that has to be correct. The nutrients and fertilizers are all the Flora brand series the Grow, The Bloom, and the Micro Nutrients.

lsd weird sizes

lsd 2

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I am finishing up 3 LSD from ILGM and two are short and bushy,but one is tall and looks different from the rest. It’s just a different pheno type coming through. Nothing to sweat.All females.

Just like siblings, every seed produces a different plant. Especially hybridized cultivars; they can exhibit traits of sativa or indica based on their genetics. This is why experienced growers find a plant that is exceptional and turn it into a ‘Mother’ plant to produce clones.


+1 I just had this conversation with my son on Christmas. He has 2 kids and they couldn’t be more different. The oldest is a terrorist, just like me, destroys everything in his path. The youngest is the most relaxed hippy baby I have ever seen. He tells us he needs to take a nap. :joy:

Cannabis is no different in my experience. I never have 2 plants that look the same from the same batch. That’s when you reveg one or take clones if it is special. :call_me_hand:

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