Issues with

I recently order a carbon scrubber from this site. I didn’t receive a tracking number just an order number. They have no phone number. And I noticed their domain name is for sale. I’m just wondering if anyone else has ordered from this company ?

Barn door may be closed but I NEVER buy anything from anybody that doesn’t have a phone # and answer it! Even off amazon, if I cant get hold of a vendor I wont buy from them.


I would contact the credit card company that issued the card used or your bank in case of a debit transaction to cancel the transaction.


Yes great advice,it says they have one it just doesn’t work.

Thanks I e-mailed yesterday so like you said I got to go to the bank to cancel it.


Well they finally called me, I was wrong about the phone number. She told me I would receive a tracking number this week. I still went to the bank before that and started the process.