Issues with gorilla glue indoor grow

From a fellow grower: The Gorilla Glue Autoflowers I bought are peaking for my first indoor grow. Using a Mars Hydro TS 600W LED Full Spectrum Lamp, is 30" inches too close for them to germinate? It recommends it but I’m afraid…lol!

Happy Frog
73° 50%
3gallon fabric pots
Only 2 seeds germinating

Dig them up and get regular flowering GG, that’s what I’d do.
IMHO autoflower is the Yugo of a seed’s prime directives. Just because it’s running, doesn’t mean it’ll get you there!

Thank you!

Yes 30 inches is far enough I tend to run my lights very close from early on(starting at 200-300 par adding almost 50 par every other day) , it ends up giving me tight nodes but I like dense autos

Autos are just fine, many people produce excellent grows with them.

I would say your light needs to be closer, lower an inch or so at a time and see how the plants respond