Issues with germination?

I’m having just the worst luck with gemination. I have tried a bunch of different strains and am striking out. I had great luck with the auto’s,not this time. I’ve tried 6 extreme girl scout cookies auto’s only 1 sprout , the temperature has dropped over the last few weeks and the water I’m trying to get them to pop in is pretty cold. What other methods will work if temp’s are lower. I am running out of patience.

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You really need higher temps for germination. Think Spring type conditions. I have a little oil heater I keep in my nursery tent. I place the seeds or clones on a shelf above it. The thermostat is set at about 80C.

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As mentioned above the temps need to be warmer water should be about 72f to 75f keep the cup ontop of some type of electronic device cable box or something that will provide heat but dosnt get to warm once in the water for 24hr remove and put into a folded damp paper towel set inside of a zip lock bag for another 24hr then put in what ever grow medium if tenps get under 70F your going to slow down growth a fair amount

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I just put them on a paper towel wet in the dark

So should I take out the seed’s from the water and try over with fresh water? I will put on top of the fridge thanks for advice

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You can definitely try once seeds have been in water longer than 24hr they run a good chance of drowning and not being viable thats why we only leave them in for 24hr them into damp paper towel

If I want my seed guarantee I have to try there 72 hours of soak to see if they pop. It worked the first round , now I can’t get the to sprout after germination? I have them in a clone dome in good soil on 18/6 with a seed mat underneath also temp’s seem perfect I’m stumped ?

I never soak more than 18 hours. Then in a paper towel folded in half on a plate with the same water. Always in a dark warmer place. If you have a small bathroom, just run a hot shower for a few minutes and germ them in a slightly cracked open cabinet with bathroom door closed. Works for me if the house gets too cool.

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I use rock wool cubes. Soak it for 8 hours, put seed in and cover it…I have 99% success rate. I also use a humidity dome with heated floor. I then just plant the entire cube, gives the early stage with stability and no shock from transplanting. Keep days for a day 1/2 then out light on. She will poke through in no time.

If it’s not warm enough they won’t germinate no matter how long you soak them. That being said I soak in a warm dark place for 24hrs if they haven’t cracked by then I put them in a wet paper towel until they do

Why don’t u try luke warm water for ur seeds and use a heat mat on low under the glass with the water and seeds in it or plant seed in pot put pot on top of heat mat and see what happens

Never thought of the cable box!! Early this morning I read this, jumped out of bed, swapped them to the paper towel in the baggie…then on the cable box they went!

Thanks for the tip, :sunglasses:


Buy a seedling heating mat. They are inexpensive and keep seeds/seedling at optimum temperature of 80-85 degrees.

ACInfinity has started selling seedling mats as well as just about anything a grower can use but lights, and those are coming in a few months.

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I had an issue with the seeds germinating and no apparently they are NOT guaranteed. The response I got was, well just keep trying the rest of them. I’ve been using ilgm for about 3 years and every batch I get about 30% wont germinate. I’m looking for another source.