Issues with Banana Kush auto-loose buds

From a fellow grower: I hate to report that whatever genetics became dominate in this grow it definitely did not correspond to the statistics in the literature. Not the height, the flowering time, taste or smell (banana was not one of them) or the flower and ripening development of this variety. What is called ‘Bag Appeal’ was terrible. Flower (buds) were loose and fell apart. However, I grew this for my taste. On the positive side both plant looked good. P#1 developed and ripened, while P#2 stayed dwarfed and stunted. After taking P#1 and moving P#2 in by itself it finally flowered. About 3 ozs. Usable herb From both plants after three (+) months of tending.
Strain: Bannana Kush


Medium: Foxfarm

PH: 6.0

Nuits: Foxfarm (organic…No chemical nuits…LIGHT application)

Light: 1000 wt. led

Temp: 70 degrees (steady)

Humidity: low

Vent: Exhaust fan/circ fan

Humid: NA

De-Humid: NA


“1000w LED” is very suspect. Need actual power used from the wall (probably closer to 100w)

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Yes my thoughts also. Unless it is hlg rayon rapid led ect good name lights the actual power of the lights are not what is posted it is only 20 to 30% the actual power they say they are. Led lights require 30 to 50 watts from the wall per sq ft. So 4x4 tent would need atleast 700ntrue watts for it to be a sufficent light to produce some nice buds. Stay away from the blue purple lights

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