Issues with autoflower Wedding cake seeds-no trichomes

From a fellow grower: Two of the 3 seeds I planted, one looks week and stretched out and producing no trichomes, the other one is fat but producing no trichomes. The 3rd one is fine, these are 8 weeks old. I started all 3 wedding cake at same time under same light
Only one plant is right, the other two(2) are the problem. One outstretched the other 2 to the point I had to get it out from under the light and it produced no trichomes. Same light ,dirt, and water schedule. The 2nd one look great,looks just like the one that is good just no trichomes.
Fox Farm soil and fertilizer, indoor grow, hps lights and spider farmer led,80 degree days,70 degrees nights, grow tent with exhaust fan and co2

I suspect your girls are just expressing different phenos from the strain’s lineage. These modern strains are so cross bred that it is common for 2 seeds to look/grow completely different as certain traits take the forefront.

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HPS lights AND a SpiderFarmer LED? Maybe too much light stress? How big is the tent?