Issues uploading pics


Is anyone else having trouble uploading pictures? Keeps saying picture is too large. Haven’t changed the way I take pics. Is it the site or me? Thanks


no troubles 12 hours ago with mine…

still no issues with me… Try cropping your picture some or resizing it…


I shall. Thanks


I have this problem too. The pics are too large to large to upload so I end up having to crop them down to get them uploaded. Usualy it’s just wide shots for me. All the crystals on my bids must be jacking up the megabytes. :joy:


This site has a 2MB limit on pic. So if its to big it wont upload. And I think if its close to that size then the site tries to resize it and that where you get a flipped picture that looks stretched. So crop or resize till your pic is below 2MB and you should be OK


I just send them to messenger then take them from there and they then upload without a problem


OK cool thanks. Hate electronics lol