Issues Developing?

Let me start by saying that I have never had a grow that did NOT have nutrient issues. So I am clearly the problem. But below are the details on my current grow

Bruce Banner auto sprouted 8/24 ; Gorilla Glue Auto sprout on 9/1

FFHF/FFOF 50/50 soil mix

Feeding Gen Hydroponics Micro/Bloom Lucas formula 50% strength every other watering pHd to 6.4-6.5

In between just phd Ro water (6.4-6.5) with CalMag supplement (5ml/gL)

RH current on controller at 57%

Day Temps 81 ish

Night temps 74ish

Watering pH target 6.5

The BB started showing signs about two weeks ago, first yellowing lower leaves and lately some of the leaves has started begging the deep purple markings throughout. Started on a couple fan leave now moving to others. (Not sure it this is just the genetics at play. Hasn’t happened to any my other grows with this strain)

The GG just started showing signs of, I think Calcium deficiency. Leaves getting lighter and “veins” darker green. But this plant has clearly out grow it’s older sister.

Not sure what I should be doing with these now. Do I flush, do I just chill out not sure.

Pic order: Bruce (left and pics 2/3) ; Gorilla Glue (right and pic 4/5)

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I’m not sure what to tell you about your issues here, but next time you should look into organic grows. I started doing it a couple grows ago, and I’ll never go back to chemical nutes again. All I do is use ffhf mixed with worm castings and happy frog fruit and flower 4-9-3. Then top dress once a month with the same. I will also use a little bio thrive bloom during flower. Best smelling, tasting smoke you’ll ever grow. Cheap, easy, and effective. No nutrient issues.

Just my opinion but she looks hungry, you might want to up your feeding a bit.

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Thanks for your input.

I just did some run off testing on the BB.

pH at runoff 6.14
Ppm: 841

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She is a bit hungry and get the ph up a little in next water.