Issue with seedling not growing-planted in Jiffy soil

From a fellow grower: I planted seeds more than 2 weeks ago, one seedling looks great, the other is very small and seems to not be growing.

Plant on left looks to have just sprouted. Maybe these weren’t pre-germinated and it just took longer to crack?


Thanks for reply. Both seeds got the exact same treatment and planting medium. Soaked in water until a little tail came out of the seed. Transplanted into soil that was inspected for pests. Right amount of water and light daily. The tiny sprout on right seems to bury itself under the soil every day instead of push up. Just started another seed using exact same process. It’s also looking good. Could it be something going on with the health of this one seed that would cause this? Any ideas how to care for this? Does it have a future? Thanks

@NC It’s not going to hurt anything to let it continue. Just appears to be a late starter. I’ve had a few of them and the latest is currently my biggest. Keep in mind that the plant on the left has different water needs than the one on the right. I would, if you don’t already, put a clear dome over the smaller one so it gets most of it’s moisture from the humid environment the dome provides. Not likely that it’s a health issue, just the nature of genetics.

@theoutsider thanks for input. agreed it cant handle water like the normal seedling. i use medicine dropper to prevent drowining. yes i did add dome to prevent overwater/dry out swings. i agree it cant hurt to wait and see what nature does with this. i am concerned it’s blue dream autoflower described as 10-14 wk. considering it’s already the 3rd week after sprouting the tail i question it’s future unless it’s gonna end up like Tattoo on Fantasy Island, i wondered what i might do and what’s the issue.