Issue with my second grow

Hello to all. My first grow did not do too well due to heat in my grow shed. My second of 67 days are about 5 feet tall and looking good. During the holiday the growth was unreal and I had zero time but to water here and there. They are pot bound to say the least in 1 gallon pots. They are likely a few weeks from flower. Can I repot at this point?

If you are careful with the roots, I don’t see why not!
Keep in mind, I’m fairly new at this, but I have transplanted some this late and I was ok! :nerd_face:

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I would go for it just be careful. Get those ladies in 5 gallon fabric pots. Good luck enjoy that Florida Sunshine.

Yep, repot. Give them a few weeks to recover from any transplant shock and flip them. Would be a good idea to sprinkle some mykos on the root ball and transplant hole if you have any.


Yes, totally agree with you. I forgot to mention it because it’s what I do every time I repot my plants!

mykos….? Sorry but very new to this.

It’s a beneficial fungi that really helps with root development and, in-turn, nutrient uptake. It will really help with transplant shock. It has pretty much eliminated it for me.

@Bobbydigital is all over it. Yes, it’s a perfect time to transplant, and I’d go big! If they’re already 5’ tall, they’re gonna wanna eat a LOT during the stretch and early to mid flower. I’d go into at least 5 gallon if not 7 gallon.


At xtreme gardening they have a free sample pack. Go to their site, click on buy now and it’s the first option. Just pay shipping ($8.40 for me). Comes with all of this:


Saving this for latet.

I just tried it and sadly they don’t ship to Canada… :sob:

Got it. Thanks so much. Now I might have to increase the height of my shed. Yikes. 7 Feet maximum.

Maybe you could do some low stress training, maybe ties some branches down to spread them out and cut down the height some.

Great idea. No doubt with the light distance I will have some height challenges.

Would it be too late for some supercropping? That’s scary to do the first time, but when you master it, it can really make a difference! And it’s easier to do than you might think.

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That’s a good idea! You could probably lay a lot of the branches right over, and open up a lot of bud sites to light, too. Lots of options!


I topped once when they were young. They are AK47 and I never considered the height. I’m 6’3" and they are chest high.

Seriously, try some supercropping if you are comfortable. Try it on one branch at first if you’re not. You’ll be surprise how fast those ladies spring back to health and you’ll get denser buds and a lot less larf.

That looks kinda rough but my two branches are a foot higher than the rest. Will THEY survive or is super cropping meant to simply dwarf to lead branches and let the others catch up?

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Yes they will survive, it’s surprising how much of a beating you can inflict on those plants! Try on one branch first, try it when your lights first come on and check back just before they switch off. If you did it correctly, it will already start to perk up. Let’s say you make a mistake and break the branch, you can try to fix the break with some teflon tape. It will stretch with the growth and won’t strangle your plant. And a few days later, your branch should be ok. I was also seriously scared and doubting I could do it the first time. But it’s a joy when you realize how easy this can be and how much more you’ll get out of your grow!
When supercropping, you take the stem between your fingers and roll it around a bit to soften it up a little and then you gently push till it bends 90°. You will think you broke it. But it’s normal. When it heals it makes a kind of a knot on the bend and your plant ends up stronger! I am at work atm, but I’ll try to find a few pictures for you!