Issue with Moby Dick plants and fertilizers

From a fellow grower: Strain:
Type (fem MobyDick green house)
Climate (indoor)
Medium (soil 45% Coco 45% perlite 10%):
pH of runoff 6.2 or solution in reservoir 6.0
Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): from 1 to 1.7 ec
Light type & schedule: Led 250W x2 m\2
Temperatures day 27c & night:24
Humidity day 70 & night 60:
Ventilation: 4 fans for blowing, room 5 * 3 and a powerful fan with a carbon filter
Humidifier: there is
De-humidifier:there is
Co2: 350 ppm
I use Duth pro coco fertilizers. I watered according to the table from the manufacturer, I constantly experience problems, most likely an overdose.
Is the irrigation scheme on your website right for me?
Or advise a different watering scheme.
I use 11l pots, 6 pcs per ΠΌ\2 ,I water with automatic watering, every day, 3.5 l per 1 pot