Issue with Girl Scout Cookies low yield

From a fellow grower: Have been having issues with Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. It is identified on your site as extreme yield, yet after 4 grows with it, each plant put out 1/4th of the other strains. I’m using advanced nutrients line, I have 2 HLG 550 grow lights, I’m using coco that I replace every grow, along with cloth pots, 10 gallons in a 3 by 6-foot room. Temp at 79, humidity-controlled at 50%.

Hi. Im sorry to hear you havent been experiencing super yields. Your setup seems spot on and you tick alot of boxes for a successful grow. Not sure where things are going off the rails but I recommend joining us around here. Bit more input would be invaluable and pics help as well.

But in my experience GSC usually yields ‘popcorn’ nuggs in the past. Never smoked ‘cola’ sized buds of it. I have however seen a few people around here grow huge buds of it. @Haildamaged is one of those cultivars.

Best of luck and i hope to see you around.


i have a few questions photo period or auto’s ? how long veg or before flower started any transplanting /up potting ?

this is a GSCX clone vegged 7/8 weeks now day 25 from 12/12 she tripled in size i use a super soil i make 5 gal cloth water 6.5 ph w/ some cal mag grandma’s molasses every Sunday

also under QB 's this one a 360xl v2

any how like @PurpNGold74 says pic and info and you sure to get help

ILGM is rock solid on backing up their products