Issue with drooping

This is bubba kush 1 month old.
1500 LED
2X2X4 grow tent
Coast of Maine super soil mixed with natures living soil

I am having an issue I can’t figure out.

About 2 hours before lights go off my leaves start drooping. Then at light start up I water with recharge and all good then droopy again at night. Any ideas as to my or how to prevent.

You have nitrogen toxicity, but it isn’t known to cause drooping. Are you checking the pH of your runoff? pH being off can cause drooping. Overwatering is another common cause.

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@Cap10bud. Regular drooping of leaves before lights out can also be a normal situation.
They are posturing for the upcoming night cycle.
I’d slow down on the daily waterings or the roots are going to stay too wet too.

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Yes I over watered at first then gave them some nitrogen for a deficiency. I transplanted them into air pots and super soil. On the bag it says not to let water run out of the bottom when watering and my PH is 6.5 before I water. The only thing I have given them is recharge and SLF 100 as a compact tea except about 3 weeks ago I gave them some nitro for a deficiency.