Issue with Cherry Pie seedlings

From a fellow grower: Cherry pie Fem seedling not growing properly.
Soil EB Stone seed starter soil
Not feeding them yet
T5 Florescent
Temp 79 degrees
Humitity 40%
fans and AC
no CO2 yet


Humidity seems to be stalling growth. An RH of 60-70% is ideal. I would cover them with a clear solo cup and mist the inside. This will create a humidity dome for the leaves to absorb the moisture until the roots develop and start the feeding. I leave the dome on for 12-14 days , removing daily for some fresh air and re-misting and remove completely with a transplant at day 14 :love_you_gesture:


I’m not sure I would call those seedlings yet. Those are barely more than sprouts.
Green, healthy looking…what’s the problem other than impatience?

:point_up_2: That will help for sure. :white_check_mark:

Hope you have more/better lighting. :grimacing:


I couldn’t figure out what was happening to my seedlings so I started using @OGIncognito way leaning the domes on and just spraying the domes. Haven’t had an issue since. And it seems to help them grow faster. These are 16 days. Just took the domes off this last weekend


WOW! Very happy and healthy looking Grow Bro!! Well done :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks. I was very impressed with what you taught me and the girls just love being in there. I finally had to take off the tops cause they were touching the edges all around. Thanks for the teaching @OGIncognito

:point_up_2: good call and do that myself. I’m still learning with every grow and learned this here from some great cultivators that mentored me along the way :love_you_gesture:

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@OGIncognito I couldn’t have done it without your advice. I also mainlined my big one cause of something you said. I definitely value your input. I started molasses on my big one asProcessing: IMG_20220921_161747154.jpg… well. It was suppose to be a quadline but I broke a branch. SMH. Do you think I should cut that top one off and go down to a mainline. I don’t think it will serve the purpose of distributing everything evenly now the way I got it

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Looking good and will be a Tri-line. I’ve broken a side of of a manifold and re-trained the remaining side to grow vertical. Ended up with a little over 3 zips from 1/2 a plant :love_you_gesture: it’s the GSC beside the GG manifold in the pic and about 2 weeks training her to grow vertical

4-5 weeks later

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