Issue with Blueberry being white

From a fellow grower: ordered blueberry auto flower:SPROUTED,3’ TALL FULL OF BUDS BUT THERE ALL WHITE. NOT A BLUE BERRY IN THE PATCH

  • Strain: BLUEBERRY
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): AUTOFLOWER
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): INDOOR
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): MICERIAL GROW GARDEN SOIL
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: N/A
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): n/A
  • Light type & schedule:LED
  • Temperatures day & night:75-80
  • Humidity day & night 75:
  • Ventilation:FAN
  • AC:N/A
  • Humidifier: N/A
  • De-humidifierN/A:
  • Co2: N/a

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Were you expecting them to be blue? They’ll be green like all marijuana buds. The smell might be a little like blueberry, but the buds will be green. Maybe slightly change color towards the end?

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If your ever do get a blueberry bud it’s a pheno and there is huge money in that.
Find the pheno below and I’ll pack your pockets for a clone.


Absolutely beautiful colors

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