Issue during flowering- deficiency? Fungus?

Hey everyone! Moved my tent from the shed to the garage 4 days ago and i thought everything was going well. Today I noticed some crispy, dying leaves on one of the plants and I hope you can help me identify what’s going on.

Setup: I have a 2x3 indoor tent that has a 600W LED Light. Humidifier and heater are on an automatic system. Had to move them indoors because the system couldn’t maintain consistent temps/humidity in the shed (attaches is a photo of the change in humidity/temp). Yep fans on all the time, including exhaust, and intake is through a filter.

Plant: I have three different plants in the tent (all clones that were given to me), Lodi Dodi, Purple Urkel, and Gorilla Glue 4. All look good to me, but these leaves are from the bottom of the Purp plant.

Should clarify: worries about fungus because one leaf has a sort of yellowish powdery part- almost looks like sugar on leaves, but this is on lower fan leaf.

And the upper part of the plant.

And lower part.

Some leaf die off or discoloration on the bottom is normal. Especially under a canopy, like a Scrog.

Upper growth looks good. Looks like you fixed the rh issue just as the buds are fattening up. Good call.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

Sweet! Thank you, I’m a bit more relaxed now :sweat_smile:

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Anytime. :+1:

@Drinkslinger @Bulldognuts @Covertgrower

Well, my first indoor grow included three different clones/strains and I’m finally seeing why so many people don’t recommend mixing. Now that we’re later into flowering (about to start week 8 of flowering, week 13 of grow), each plant is acting quite differently.

The Lodi Dodi is supposed to have the longest flowering period of the three, but it’s the first to have all of the pistils change. Trichomes still look mostly clear though, so definitely will take a week or two at least.

The purple urkle is getting some crispy leaves, but otherwise looks good. The buds on this girl are very small (maybe due to some early stress) but I’m hoping she fattens up more.

The last one is my problem child, gorilla glue. She has the shortest flower time, so technically I could start looking to harvest as early as next week, but she also has the most white pistils.

My concern with her is that she’s showing signs of nitrogen deficiency, but that seems like it would be expected considering it’s about time to start flushing. Now that it looks like she has a few more weeks before the pistils change, should I worry about the nitrogen? Feeding them all Flora trio- now only micro and bloom, so very little nitrogen.


Looking back at these pictures I’m seeing just how small all of my buds look. Maybe it’s the light? Just bought new, more powerful lights for my next grow.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about nitrogen deficiency in late flower. Leaf yellowing is totally normal for container plants.