Iso extraction with..... male plant?! Oh yea it worked

Not your usual harvest but researched what to do with male plants and found out you can do ISO extraction like I do with clippings and it worked great a 3-foot male plant no barely any pollen sacs fan leaves and the top 50% of the stem I will did three grams of dark dark dark grassy tasting hash but it gets you high as a kite

that’s Henry the hash ball say hi to henry


Haha hash snow man lol

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Sunlight for an hour or two would have removed a lot of that chlorophyll. Next time…

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Nah dude I’ve been doing ISO with crap weed for years I’ve never got it lighter than that color and I did in the sun many many times

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It’s mostly in the quality of the weed do you get the Amber colors

Good to know. I do dry ice qwet . It’s yellow and still tastes like shit if it’s not the right strain. Started doing the sunlight thing helped a lot. Avb QWet also, not much flavor there. I vape them in an ccell oil pen.

Dry ice is more of a keif producer I don’t feel gets as much cannabinoids as a solvent extraction because the ice is just kicking trichomes and ISO actually dissolves the thc and by heating you activate the change to thc from thc-a making ingestble without burning u could eat the ball or cannabutter for instance is made at a simmer extracting and activating simultaneously I’m interested in trying bho but I also am gonna try it with some of this crop I pop to see the colors and tastes of my fruits of my labors there will he 0 waste with these plants as u can see I processed a male for good thing because I was missing out before I’m sure I could got better flavor with other process but strait to the point it does what its supposed to do

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Gonna do this with 2 outdoor female plants that I’m going to have to cut 4 weeks early b/c of freezing temps.


Have you done iso before?


I have. I usually use trim, everclear, & a rice cooker.


I did whole process for 7 bucks and have enough extra supply to do another mirror same run of same amount of of crop all at Walgreens 91 %0soprpyl rolled gause unroll makes cheese cloth dot forget to squeeze all the pulp at the end that’s that darkest liquid u get


Mine was a stir fry thing with a temp gauge so I could keep it right at 200 lil fucker pulls some wattagebit popped my surge protector


Hi Henry dont go towards the light… Or wate go to the light go to the light!!!

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The dry ice is to super cool the everclear and the buds in QWET (quick wash ethanol). I also decarb 1st. The vape pen won’t be hot enough to convert(or so I’ve read)

The longer you soak the weed in iso the more chlorophyll you get. The recommend just a quick 5 second wash, I think it’s 5 second, could be wrong. But I make oil all the time and noticed the longer I wash, the greener it gets

See I always thought the exact opposite the longer you soak the more cannabinoids you get but now I see instantly available with the solvent so the longer you let sit maybe the more plants in case you’re going to get make sense

how long are you soaking in alcohol?

Was about 25 mins but it was just a male plant strait off the bush chopped , froze 48 hrs. Went cold strait into 91%soaked and muttled for 25 mins strained trough 6 layers gauze squeezed out remaining liquid in “tea bag” simmered scrapped when dry

Just did some more research and realize there’s a lot more steps that I have never known about to make it really good but hey it works this way I’m not trying to sell it to dispensaries or anything crazy like that just for the head

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I have some rso I made after a 4 day soak in everclear that I use in vape pen. One oz made 10 cc