Is what the start of FLOWERING looks like?

Greetings. I’m wondering if this is what the start of flowering looks like?? This is a “Pineapple Haze” plant The description from ILGM says 12 week flowers. I got a late start. Germinated in the first week of June, so 8 weeks ago… This is the best of 4 plants. Growing outside. I didn’t top this one. When I look at it the growth on the top is becoming denser. Has it started flowering. Does 12 flowering mean starts flowering after 12 weeks, or the flowering takes 12 weeks? I tried pasting the photo, but I’m not sure it came through to the other end… If not I’ll send the photo again, hopefully.

Tried again…

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Yay, it worked. The plants about 20" tall.

Looks like you have some really energetic veg growth, but I’m not seeing any pistils or buttons.

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It’s 12 weeks from start of flower to harvest. But it is an estimate. This is where I call day 1 flower


I thought is was an auto based on the tag Autoflower support. She may start showing preflower but won’t throw pistils till you get 12 hours of dark. You can check to find out when that will be based on your location. With that flowering period I would be running up against hard frost.

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Thanks for the replies.

Actually, I can see that in the wrong place cuz I don’t think it’s an autoflower. I see, now, that they’re either autoflower or feminized… and my plants are feminized… I’m learning and I’m going to look for a appropriate place for my question. Thanks for your help.

Wrong again.

You can get:

regular photoperiod (Take your chances, it could be male or female)
feminized photoperiod
regular autoflower (Very few breeders offer this, but they are available)
feminized autoflower



12 hours what? If you have a photoperiod yes. Autos no. You know what you get with 12/12 on autos? Less growth. What do you get with 18/6? Look. I’m into week 9 and flowering started in week 6. I was still 20/4 until a few days ago, with more powerful lights I cut back and I’m still getting a little veg and a ton of new white pistols.

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