Is total darkness before chop necessary

I use them. They come in many sizes and rh’s. I have read that you don’t want to use them till after you have been curing for a week. So I did that and had great results. I have a few YouTube personalities I follow and they have differing opinions about when to use the packs. Check out Bill Ward on YouTube, he is a skilled hand and he grows alot of ILGM seeds so you kinda get a preview on some of the seeds, b4 you buy.

I was gonna do a test on this when I got a call from a friend. Who told me. It’s dark, it’s light.

You tube videos are cool to watch. And you get the mind set of “HellYeah” I can do that.
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Until you find yourself on this forum. Asking real people about real everyday problems that happens when growing this plant. You can’t ask the guy in the video why your plant took a $hit!! But you can explain your problem here and you will have a boat load of real people willing to help anyone.


I was having the same issue. That and light and airy buds. I think I’ve taken care of the bud quality/quantity issue with manipulation and proper feeding.

Most of the award winning cannabis is cured for many months. Sometimes as long as six. I find that my smoke is ready at about 10 days, but if I leave it in the jars for a few months, the smell can be overwhelming when I open them.

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I need to up my numbers so I can have jars sit that long!

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I’m confused. Are you saying that asking folks to like and subscribe somehow cheapens the watching experience? Or that typed responses are somehow more educational then a video one? I am having a hard time understanding the point you are trying to convey.

I think simply that this forum is a more
Interactive venue for problem solving. Also nobody here (generalization alert!) has an agenda so you can trust what you’re being told implicitly


Exactly. Best way to troubleshoot is a forum. Here there are people educated and dedicated to answer questions and guide useing combined experience. Maybe its just me, I dunno, but I prefer to see a technique preformed before I try and replicate it. Like tying your shoes, be hard to learn to do that if no one ever showed you how. Not impossible just hard.

This was a great watch!


I love watching all the videos. I also like they name the seed bank.
But what’s really cool. Is when you try replicate a video and in turns south, I can ask questions here. I watched a video from a guy you mentioned about a 5-15-14 only grow. It went south in a damn hurry about flower time.
I posted a topic here about going into panic mode. With all the help, I think I recovered. Woodrow Zkittlez harvest. I’ll also admit that I’m new to all this.
But there is no video on “Hey stupid, You just F’ed up”
But the people on here just try to give sound advice.