Is total darkness before chop necessary

Is it beneficial to keep her in total darkness For 48hrs before the chop? If so what is the benefits

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It is thought to increase trichomes on the buds.
There is no solid evidence for this that I have found. Maybe someone else has a reference.
I have done it my self and have also just harvested when ever I felt like it during lights on.
I cant tell a difference. The only real way to tell would be to use 2 clones and do one of each and then have them tested.


So the theory is that once the sun comes up the “juices” from the roots move to the top of the plants. The idea is to let those “juices”, with some of the extras, remain in the roots.

Some say that this will increase trichomes. It doesn’t. Trichome production takes place during most of the flowering stage. There are things you can do to increase trichome production, but they stlll need to age. That’s why (to some) foxtailing is a bad thing. It dilutes your bud.

Some say it makes for a smoother smoke. That may be true, but there is no scientific date to support this claim.

As for me, I harvest before the lights come on or the sun rises. I dry for 1-2 weeks. Cure for another week to 10 days and my smoke is smooth. I don’t dry or cure the product I use for tinctures and edibles. I just freeze it until I need it.


Thank you for the response, seems like nothing is truly “set in stone” so what I see is it wouldn’t hurt to try 24-48 hours of darkness before chop

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Thank you for the thorough response I don’t have many harvest under my belt but I’ll try anything that will produce better bud


Better bud to me is max trichome production. I manage this with some simple techniques. First I do a lot of training on my plants. Whether they go in a tent or outside. Damaging the stalks of the plant will cause the plant to increase trichomes as a defensive measure. I give the stalk a twist or two between every node. I smash the fibers of the stalk between my fingers and twist it back and forth. The extra trichomes will increase the protection from pest and thereby insure the chance for their survival. The plant’s natural defense mechanism works in our favor.

Happy growing…


I feel like I’ve been getting the harvest part wrong, I mean I get high off the finish product but it just seems like it could be better, the smell as well…it’s like when I’m breaking down a bud to pack a bowl is the only time I can smell the bud…

I tried to get some good pictures from my loop but here is what I came up they say clear is bad milky/Amber is good mabe I’m off on pull time

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Sour Diesel I can tell this has some weeks left, it’s day 50 since flip, the breeder says 65-75 flower time I’m guessing more of the 75day

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One of the things I’ve learned is there is no “right” way to grow cannabis. What works for me may not work for you.

I don’t even break out my loupe until about the 8th week of flower. Some of my plants will be harvested when I have 30-60% amber, otherwise I’m harvesting in week 8 or 9. I might find clear trichomes in any view. The thing you’re wanting to pay attention to is amber on the buds themselves (not the leaves).

This is one of my go to guys on YouTube.


So much solid advice from @oldmarine here.


Yes it is i greatly appreciate it

That’s a tasty looking bud for sure. Those new pistols are amazing. I will have to try this strain.

This is another of my go to guys. I base my super soil from his recipe. In fact I mirror most of his techniques for my indoor grows.

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Solid video…thanks for posting it!

I’m a big fan of Bill Ward hes in Canada and does mostly auto ILGM grows from what I’ve watched and Mr Canucks grow. Those 2 were the start of my growing knowledge with a little bit of Kyle kushman in the mix. But if you got time check out some of those videos. Mr Canucks grow is mainly super soil organic based and I lean more towards his info as I grow in coco but bill ward grows a lot of ILGM strains so both are great references to look into


I was under the impression that you do things like 48 hrs darkness, stem splitting, Kushman Chiro, cold water/ice shocking roots, even having like 40% humidity for last two weeks is to stress the plant. Stressing the plant at the end is supposed to cause it to defend itself aka trichome production. Have you looked into bud washing? If not you should. Even indoor grown weed is dusty and that stuff makes your smoke harsh. I live in a arid climate, lotsa dust. So glad I washed em.

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So many different methods, I’ve seen a video about washing the bud, do you anything about the “bovita packs” there supposed to keep the humidity in the jar stable