Is tiger bloom organic?

I thought all the fox farm was organic but found out that big bloom isnt.

I think you have them mixed up. Big Bloom is OMRI listed for organic use. It is basically worm and bat poo. The other two, Big Grow and Tiger Bloom are straight chemical fertilizers.

FF also uses this totally bogus marketing line about “approved for use in organic soils”. It’s like approved by who? Your mom?

If you ask the right person taking a huge steaming dump in your grow bag is “approved for organic soil” but it’s a crappy idea (see what I did there?)


What organic fert. do you use?

Roots organic.

They make a grow and a bloom liquid organic fert. They make several other liquid organic fertilizers as well. The one I use most frequently is trinity. That’s just molasses, kelp and some other stuff to keep your micro herd happy.

I grow in dirt i’m not sure what medium you’re growing in but my experience is using these products in dirt.

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