Is three of these sufficient for 2 plants?

Are three of these sufficient for two plants ? I also have a GE smart bulb set to sunlight

They’ll get you through seedling phase but won’t be adequate for productive growth through most of veg and flowering.

I suggest find good cannabis lighting built with Samsung LM301 series diodes. Spider Farmer, HLG, and Gravita are good examples.


Looks like 100w total. That will not be enough to flower even 1 plant very well. Currently I have 150w MarsHydro T-1000 directed at one plant and a second one at 50% setting above 2 seedlings right next to it. I am in a 32x32 tent. Both lights at 100% during flower is 300w, I will get pretty fair results with this much light.Those T-1000 lights are $118.00 US on amazon.


I’m gonna have to disagree. Wattage isn’t as important as PPFD. My flowers seem fine. I am only in a 4x4 area , Week 5


Interesting bulb. It’s says 50 ppf does it say at what height and/or it’s coverage area?

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I have them closer than that though.

I also have a GE Smart light set to Daylight to help with flowering

PPFD recommendations for cannabis are:

~300 PPFD for seedlings
~600 PPFD for veg
~800 PPFD for flowering

You’ll get far better results with a proper cannabis light. Happy growing.


I know I will get better results with a better light but tbh I think these GE lights are doing better than what you guys think. I was going with a spider farmer 4k next

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I have the lights closer than what they suggest. Eventually they’ll be for seedlings and a lil veg time but I think they’re better than what people are thinking. It is a GE light after all

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I mean at the end of the day if you are happy then that’s all that matters :+1:
Good luck and happy growing


The Umol numbers I shared will be higher bc I have the light closer than they say to. I think the numbers that you listed are for photoperiods and not autoflowers. I’m getting 4 to 12 more hours of light a day than a photo does.


What’s the app ?

I’m using the lights lower and they’re on longer than a photo would be

That about right ?

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You can get a 400 HPS for about 70 bucks nowadays. I’m a fan of less cords

I’m gonna stick with LEDs. I’m growing in a small closet and HPS ups my power bill . I’d rather spend 1k on a nice LED tbh

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I have the cords managed ok. Not blocking any light at least



I agree. I probably only get 75% yield of what other growers with ideal lighting get, but with 4 autos per grow that’s plenty of weed for us. My 220W is below minimum for 4 plants but I still got 6.74 oz total which is way more than enough.

I think it would be a problem if you were wayyy, I mean like wwaaayyyy under the minimum. Just my 2 cents worth.