Is thisa male plant?

I planted feminized granddaddy purple. Plants are now 70 days past sprouting. Growing in soil in a tent. 2 look fine to me but the one on the left (and in closeup) looks different. Is it a male?


The second picture is clearly a male.


Yep that’s a dude sorry

I’d get rid of it quick. Can you take close ups of your other ones - looks like there may be another one :disappointed:


Put a garbage bag over him and take him out in the desert! Maybe a washdown of the inside of area and clothing! If you see any sacs open or pollen, definitely a washdown! Welcome to ILGM forum!


OK. Here they are.


Thanks for the help. Just my 2nd crop so still trying to figure this out.

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Welcome to the community That’s a bummer ! Carefully place a bag over it and get it away from your other two female plants.

Another thing about stray males is they’ll usually shoot up taller than the females pretty quickly. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky or what but I can usually tell mine apart within the first few weeks to a month, which leaves me plenty of time to remove them before there is a problem. The funny thing is I’ve only ever had one, and it was out of my Pre Bubba S1s I had planted. Someone told me 90% of plants are females anyway but I sure won’t stop checking them just bc of that lol.