Is this wpm or something else?

Started noticing these white patches on my Malawi Gold and Big Bud plants. It doesnt flake off like a power. I suspect it may be too much light or heat but im not sure. Please ket me know your thoughts on the pic below. Much Thanks in advance, new grower on second run so im all ears here.

Are you using a humidifier with tap water?

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Are they inside or outside @Tegab

If your talking about all those little flecks on your leaves, Id look for bugs.


No humidifier in use, they were outdoors then i moved indoors 10 days ago to flip them.

Indoors last 10 days, previously outdoors

Ive seen a couple spiders and this green winged bug that i havent identified yet. Should I try neem oil spray on the foliage?

Negative. Not while plant is in flower. Absobs into the flowers and does t rinse/wash away. Try captain jacks dead bug juice concentrate. Mix it at 1.5x srrength. Spray every few days if just a bug here and there. Can use all the way to harvest and rinses away with a bud wash after.

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Thanks, ill check that out :slight_smile:

Looks like leaf hoppers or leaf miner’s there easy to spot i would go over them magnifying glass

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I would inspect leaves top & bottoms

Heres some of the things i use

The milk one & pure1 can be used thru flowering. Dont use neem

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I ended up trying Trifecta Crop Control. It seemed to have stopped any and all bugs that may have been in my tent. I even noticed a few dead mosquitoes as well. Much thanks for the rapid responses and suggestions, always grateful for this forum. :smiley: