Is this WPM? If so what’s y’all remedies?

Ha we got done reading it at same time

Yep this is the info I found to make me think that’s what it is. Thanks @Midwestnewbie appreciate the info. So do you think I am not exchanging my air enough? I really don’t run my exhaust right now as it makes my humidity soar and sucks out all my heat as well. Shouldn’t the vents being open provide enough fresh air flow? Or do you think it just stays “stagnant” sort a speak cause I’m not exhausting the tent?

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Do you have fans inside the space as well? In my cab I have my exhaust to come on every 20 min for 3 minutes at a time. In the tent I have the ac infinity and it has humidity probe on it so it kicks fans on automatically. When lights outs is your highest rh levels as usually running lights keep it down when running. Do your fans and or exhaust run even after lights off?j

I run mine exsuset and fans 24/7

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Both fans run 24/7 I have a small tower fan under the canopy and a bigger one that sits in front of the vent.

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If I run my exhaust that much it wants to suck out all the dryer air produced from the dehumidifier

How high dose rh get with exhaust going

What’s the rh of the room you tent sits in? Maybe the intake is bringing in to high of rh?

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The room “garage” has been averaging about 60ish and will probably go up as the summer progresses. So rather than trying to do the whole garage I have my dehumidifier in the tent. 4x8 BTW. I’m gonna run the exhaust for the day to see what kind of results I get. I was just worried about it getting to cold but we shall see.


How hot dose garage get

Right now it’s staying in the upper 60’s low 70’s and I keep the tent at 75 and 50 to 60 on the RH.


You only got WPN because a spore was introduced to your tent. Yes, the high humidity plays a role but to get WPM, or any kind of mold, a spore has to be introduced to your space.


If you tent has high humidity then you need better air exchange. Even if that means running your tent in a more open style like I do. Crank that exhaust fan up and get some air rolling. Midwestnewbie got you covered


So apparently they only sell SM-90 at certain shops. Am ok ok to wipe the plants now and probably again tomorrow then treat because all the places that sell it are closed today. Or just wait another day and do it all tomorrow?


Here’s my take: you can never eliminate it. The spores are there. Unless you create an environment that prevents spores from coming in you have to deal with mildew.

I’ve used every product and technique listed. This works every time. Get RH below 50%. Spray plant with straight 3% peroxide. Just before lights out. Repeat after 48 hours. Done. Buy a black light and monitor weekly. Wash your harvest.


Is there a reason I only see it on the older leaves? The ones that had issues from earlier on.

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They are likely diseased and best to remove them if there aren’t too many. WPM is much more common in flower when the plant is losing it’s immune response to infection.

We had a grower who chimed in on another grower with WPM and basically told him to throw away his entire crop because of it. You may see this but I will tell you now that WPM is endemic, is everywhere; on your clothes, in your hair, floating in the air and you will not get rid of it unless extreme measures are taken (spore filtered air, airlocks, special clothing etc. But you CAN control it and remove it from your plant effectively. I like peroxide because it leaves nothing behind when it’s done but water.

Seeing WPM present on your plant means you should definitely wash your harvest. I use the Cervantes method and am kind of evangelical about washing your harvest. It also offers the benefit of keeping everything fresh longer after cure.


Thanks @WickedAle really appreciate that!

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So far I am not seeing any on the new growth just the old dark green fan leaves. You think I should just remove them?

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Since you’re in veg, you can spray your plant with an H2O2/H2O solution to try to kill what spores are already on your plants. After that dries completely, thoroughly spray your plants with a solution of myco (such as an’s Piranha) and H20. This will help prevent any remaining WPM spores from infecting your plant.