Is this Wilt on late blooming buds?

This is a Chocolate Tonic CBD strain in late bloom. I started seeing brown sugar leaves on the colas, but it progressed to a mass of dried leaves. I think it’s a fungus, maybe wilt. I dug around and did not find any bugs. I have sprayed with Spinosad bacillus and Sarenade bacillus. Comments and suggestions?

This is outdoor grown in California at 25 weeks, potted in organic soil, pH water, CalMag, nutrients, there have been no other problems. These colas are the worst infections; other colas have not progressed this far.

Is it a fungus? Is it Wilt? Is there a better treatment than Seranade? Should I quarantine it, or chop it?

Sorry to say it’s bud rot. Bad

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Very VERY bad. Chop her. Quarantine EVERYTHING. Preventative measures on anything close!

Toss ANYTHING infected (brown n brittle)

Bud wash everything u save! Id be breaking harvestd buds open and inspecting. Act QUICKLY! Its SUPER CONTAGIOUS AND WILL SPREAD


These guys got u covered. :v:

Nooo stop reading and typing! Get to action! :joy: sorry not a joking matter. Man i hate to see all that hard work down the drain… absolutely unsettling.

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@Painfree @PurpNGold74
I’m familiar with grey mold bud rot, but this does not look like it. I dug into it and it feels like dry leaves, and crumbles. Not pulpy.

Any suggestion on treatment? Besides cut out the bad parts.

Boytris. Not grey. And honestly? @Myfriendis410 a cup of 3% in 4 gallons of water?

Shake vigoriously underwater for 30 secs and hang by a light fan to air out. But make sure u check inside buds. It starts in the center

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Cutting it today, soon, now…

Smart move my man. Smart move… u should move her away from any other plants for the process.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you tore into that and found a caterpillar.


That’s the culprit. I live on the Central Coast. Hate those things.

Cabbage White, Pieris Rapae Butterfly

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Pretty though!

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They are little avatars of Satan.


OK, chopped the plant. Cut off the infected parts (all the big colas), bagged and garbage.
Saved the unaffected parts. Washed in peroxide bath, rinsed, and hung out to dry.

I have other plants nearby that not yet showing signs, and I will be closely watching them.