Is this White Powder Mold!?

Hello, first time grower here! I need advice regarding the photos in this post? Does this look normal or is this White Powder Mold? I have been using a T5 light with soil indoors. I planted my seeds after germination on April 3rd and today is May 18th. My light cycle is 18/6 and has not changed. Thanks!

Any chance you can get a closer pic?

Let me know if you need another. Thanks!

It looks like trichomes.


Looks like your plant has started making sugar leafs.


Also what strain are you growing?

Thanks Dark! Sorry I forgot to mention its Harlequin. I purchased feminized seeds but I’m surprised I’m already seeing pistil’s at 6 weeks. That typical? Maybe the are actually auto flowering considering I havent changed my light cycle from 18/6?

I would have to agree with @darkillusion3526 Looks like your plant has started making sugar leafs. :v:


Photo period plants will start to show sex tho they are not actually flowering. Just means that they’re ready to start flowering when you switch the light cycle. :v:


Those are trichomes (the good stuff.)


Thank you everyone!

That plant is in flower. If its under 18/6 and went into flower under a t5 its likely an auto.

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That’s exactly what i was thinking! I have two females that are showing the same signs. The only difference is one of them is half the size! I also noticed both are ruderalis showing 5 fingers on each leaf which makes sense considering its Harlequin with high CBD and low THC?! Im sure you guys are more familiar than I am with ruderalis but it seems to match what I am experiencing.

Cannabis ruderalis is smaller than other species of Cannabis . C. ruderalis rarely grows over two feet in height. Plants have “thin, slightly fibrous stems” with little branching.[3] Foliage is typically open with large leaves,[3] C. ruderalis reaches maturity much quicker than other species of Cannabis, typically in a five to seven week period from seed.[4]

Unlike other species of cannabis, Cannabis ruderalis enters the flowering stage based on the maturity of the plant, rather than its light cycle.[5] With C. sativa and C. indica varieties, it is possible to keep the plant in the vegetative state indefinitely by maintaining a long daylight cycle. C. ruderalis , however, will enter the flowering stage regardless of daily light duration. Cannabis geneticists today refer to this feature as " auto-flowering" . [6]

It has less THC in its resin compared to other Cannabis species.[4] However, it is often high in cannabidiol (CBD).[7]

I plan on moving both outdoors next week when the temps are mid 70’s and dont get below 60 (I live in Illinois)

Those girls are reeeeeeeal leggy. Can you get more light on them?

i would but i plan on moving them outdoors next week so that should take care of that. Im not going to transplant them either, just move the pots outside into a 3x3 wire mesh barrier to keep animals out. But does this sound like a Ruderalis cannabis plant? I am no pro as this is my first grow but this seems to be the case?

Is this a true ruderalis or an auto that is ~5% ruderalis?

Moving to outdoor will help. What size pot you in??

Ruderalis has been bred into autos. They bring many of their traits with them. Most great seeds are a cross with something these days. Very few true sativa or indica or “land race” out there. Its my understanding that all autos have some rudy genetics, but dont quote me on that.

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This is correct.

Yea. Thats what i been told, i honestly never looked into it to be sure tho…:man_shrugging:

Fun fact about growing in Illinois:

  1. If anyone sees or smells your plant growing outdoors, even if its on your property, even if you have your medical card, the authorities can shut down your grow.

  2. If you live in a shared dwelling and a neighbor smells it? Same story.

Basically needs to be out of sight and out of view of the public.

Also 5 plants max. It’s not considered a plant unless it is 5" or taller.