Is this what I think it is

Ok I just found this on my plant is she going to change sex on me

Hermaphrodite flower.

Pluck it off, watch like a hawk for the next days.

If nothing else shows, you might be ok.


Would I take the whole flower or just the banana

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Just the nanna

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Ok I’m just looking a lot closer and I can see like 1 nanna on like 4 buds

Ok there is a lot more than I thought I’m seeing maybe 8-12 of them in different places

You can try to eradicate , but if you have other plants I would chop.

Ya I have 2 other white widows in there 2 weeks behind in flower and 2 more WW in the veg tent

Harvest that one now, save the rest

That’s what I’m thinking but if I harvest now wouldn’t I get paranoid buzz

I never heard that before. Wait I have to go there’s a black helicopter and a black El Camino following me!


You funny man :laughing:

Question is do you know why she started throwing nanners? What ever it was could affect your other plants @perry2

All I can think is it came from a bag I bought and it had seeds in it. I had 2 plants that I started from those seeds and I could tell very early one was male. @Watt-Sun

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I hate those damn nanners.
Check your tent for light leaks. Could be pinhole leaks, could be power strips or something else plugged in that has an led that’s glowing.
Stress and poor genetics cause Nanners. Any sudden changes to the growing environment?

Sorry to say, but your best bet is to chop her down asap. Better to lose 1 than all.


@Drinkslinger I agree with you about the stress, perhaps a change in in the environment even. germinating random seeds from a sack you bought has a 50/50 chance of getting a male , genetics can cause it as well . i’d harvest and dry it out and after curing smoke it up and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i agree with @Drinkslinger @perry2. that is the problem with using bag seeds. seeds from a bag of pot were typically from some herme of the plants that were harvested to smoke. i think those which were made this way will carry that with them. for those who are into keeping strains genetically correct this is a bad thing. it is why it is so important when you want to keep a strain going at your grow that u use regular seeds and properly impregnate the female with a known male to keep genes correct. there is also a way to use silver colloidal to make fem plants turn a couple of buds to male but it is not a “novice” technique.
it is also why folks use cloning to keep strains going in their grow as it will keep proper genetics of the plant cloned. if you clone genetically corrupt plants they will pass on bad genes to the clones.

it is part of what is wrong with dog breeding, lots of “back yard” breeders screwing up the genetics. yes it is fine to use these for your own pack or grow… just don’t propagate bad genetics by sharing with others. just my opinion… with the proliferation of folks growing pot, i just hope we don’t screw it up and get a bunch of crap genetics down the road.


That does make sense your using seeds from a herme plant so it would stand to reason you would get a herme plant

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i just started my grow journal for my second grow and the first three seeds i’m using are from bag seeds i found in my pot. you can get good pot from these seeds, but you just have to be diligent about keeping an eye out for issues. i did this because i have only 4 “good” seeds left (ILGM white widow fems) and i didn’t get my new seeds from ILGM yet (my fault not theirs). if i don’t get new seeds in by next month i will use three of the ww for the second half of my second grow.

You need to tag me in your new grow journal so I can follow I’m still have 2 in flower and 2 in veg

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