Is this under watering they where really dry and I waterd them

Hello I have just watered Theses girls but I noticed reall fast the dirt was dry and the leaves where starting to drop is the underwatering I have gave. Little extra then I would normally do what is your suggestions

So I’m a first timer myself but I’m noticing they are stretching, you need your light closer. Also the leaf droop could also be from overwatering. Do you have drain holes in your solo cups? Just like water roots need oxygen. But those are my newbie observations

I have not put hold in them dude to no where for the water to run in to I have been looking into that. They looked good and then I did not water them for a little longer then normal but this is what they it looked like 3 days ago

They look sad compared to then to now

It is time for repotting. Repotting will make it easier to water and give your girls room to grow. As a general rule of thumb, when the leaves stretch past the edge of the pot it is time to repot.

That’s a lot of plants, it’s going to take a serious investment in lights to flower 13 plants.


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Uploading: 20201127_123032.jpg… Uploading: 20201127_123023.jpg… Uploading: 20201127_123056.jpg…

Yep it is way to many plants I got ts 1000 for flower and the ts 600 to veg and a hps 600 watt bulb but trying to stay away from due to the electric cost.but I am planing on starting flower early on some to get a female and make clones so I don’t need all seeds. Thanks for letting me know I will be transplanting ASAP hoplfuly that will solve some of my issue with the wilting. I checked a cup 2 days ago for roots and one of them was all rooted to the bottom. Thanks for the info.

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A nice looking group of seedlings, definitely time to transplant into bigger pots with cannabis friendly soil
Looking good. Your plants will take off after the transplant.

I did some transplanting still 6 good looking plants need to be transported but will half to wait due to new light on the way here is my progress now