Is this too much of a good thing? Nutes too high?


I’ve a 6.5 week white widow auto that has been doing really well. Today, I went out and noticed a few leaves like this:

I switched to Tiger Bloom about 2 weeks ago, at first mixed with veg fertilizer, now straight at about 1/2 strength…



Looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me
What is your ph at on run off also type of soil
I feed full streaght myself always just give more or less depending on plants needs @Jmhnyny
Do you have the big bloom as well ?


Never checked the PH of the runoff only what I put in… I kept that around 6.5… it’s ocean forest soil so I figured it should be good…don’t have the big bloom just tiger…I was using Aurora soul grow before and they were great maybe I’ll try adding it back…any problem with higher N during flower?

Joseph M. Hooper


In flower, the N is not as important. I was wondering about a phosphorous deficiency? I’m a newb, so you will want others opinions.They need more phosphorus during flower.


Not phosphorus deficient.

@Jmhnyny I would check your run off id agree with nitrogen deficient


@Majiktoker, How much nitrogen do they need when in flower?


Depends on what nutrients your using.

Me personally I use flower power nutrients which has high primary nutrient ratios (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) its ratios for the bloom side are 15-6-30.

However I like using a blooming booster as well which would typically contain no nitrogen and have a ratio of 0-20-20, 0-27-27, or 0-15-35.

The booster from flower power I believe is 0-27-27 the current booster im using now has a ratio of 0-15-35.

Fox farm product like open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha Ching contain a ratio of 9-58-10 also very slightly.

So to speak you do want nitrogen still, however you dont want to much or to little nitrogen


I would check that run off
definitely not a phosphorus deficiency tho @Tr33 although your correct about the n in flower
Still needs some just not as much
Once leaves are effected they won’t recover either
So watch new growth
If soil ph is out of range you will lock out nute up take so it’s possible that’s all it is
But follow @Majiktoker he won’t steer you wrong @Jmhnyny
Tag me if you have any other questions
Happy growing


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