Is this too much lighting for a 4x4x6 tent?

***2) 2x2 Ac infinity 400w L.E.D lights in a 4x4x6 grow tent??? Is that over kill? I heard these lights are very well built but can get hot at full power… im a new grower and haven’t started as of yet, awaiting seeds but I’m getting everything ready and figured why not get another light like the one i already have.


Not a problem. You sure will have the coverage. They have dimmers, so no problem. I have extra lights, so that’s why I added another tent. Lol
Have fun and welcome

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I have a 550r floating in a 3x3. 480w. Too much is way better than not enough. Dimmer.

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Looks like your light is a perfect fit for that 4x4.

Here’s a PAR map of that fixture.

AC Infinity IONBOARD S44, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Board, 4x4 ft. with Deeper Penetration Samsung LM301B Diodes, Dimmable Lighting, for Veg Bloom Indoor Plants in Grow Tents Greenhouses

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