Is this too much defoliation?

Can i get some opinions please?is this too much defoliation?thx girls r just over 5 weeks the 2 in the back r bbf and the 2 in the front r wwa.


Nah - they look healthy enough to me. It might take a minute or two but they’ll bounce back.
I wouldn’t take any more than that at once and generally I defol just before feeding. I figure it can’t hurt to show a little love after a smack down. LOL!


Ok thx lol

Lookin good to me :+1:

Thx easy

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I think it looks fine

Thx tessa

They kinda look like the mullet hair cut long on the bottom and short on top lol

Looking good…you could tie some of those lady legs down. :leg: :smiling_face:

Was looking at thay figured i give a day or 2 didnt wanna stress them any more. watched a lot of bill ward yesterday and he likes to keep tops even but thx.this sight is awesome thx for all the replies u guys r the greatest.

I looked at the pic and thought it was the before photo in the before and after. You’re fine. They’ll fill back in within days, and you’ll wonder how you can pull a bucket-full of leaves and not be able to tell.

Thx dr woo

They look good to me nice and healthy with plenty of air flow

LST after topping this auto. She’s a beast

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