Is this Too Late To Lollipop

Day 5 into Flip

What am i risking lollipopping them now? Anything?

Got 5 plants… 2 hands… and some scissors…


Id do it now if your going to. That way still has time to recover

Check your levels also. I see a lot of yellow. They look deficient. Im new to growing but guessing nitrogen deficiency

@MrMirrors you need to start a grow journal so you don’t have 20 new threads going.
Please do that.

Will do.

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Thank you

Didn’t know about not posting new questions. I thought the grow journals were for documenting individual grows am I wrong. I’m new still & just asking

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@jonkohler everyone is free to post as they wish as long as they follow the forum rules clearly labeled.

MrMirrors has just been posting alot of questions around the boards so I suggested that he start a grow journal to post these questions because of the amount of new posts he’s been posting.
As I and others bounce around the forums chasing him it would be a bit easier to focus those all in one place.

Feel free to ask any questions you have and tag me with @ Nicky

Thanks. I have to say at least 7 characters I can’t say just thanks. said something about trying a heart button but I don’t see it anywhere. Anyhow just Thanks

The heart button is locked under my comment on the left side it sends a Like/love to show you enjoyed that post


Oh there it is, I was looking in this box not that one Thanks again

No problem welcome to the forums and thus the community