Is this to much. Light

I have a tent 2x2x4 with 2 lights inside I need to know if it’s to much the first is. dimensions: 7.25" L X 7" H X 2" W

Material: Aluminum & PC, lens covered with waterproof material

Color: 16 Red & 4 Blue

Base color: Black case

Waltage:20 Watt (Equavilant to 80w)

Broadband voltage: 86-265v

Beam Angle: 120 degree

Wavelength: full spectrum Red: 655~660nm, Blue:460nm

Coverage: 1.5’ x 1.5’ FT

Waterproof Grade: IP65


AC 110 Volts / 3 Pin Plug

Average Lifespan: 50,000 Hour. The second is. Dimension: 176x176x87 mm
Lamp Weight: 1.26KG
Housing Material:Steel
Operating Voltage: AC85-265V
Operating Current: 457MA
Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 192W
Actual Power: 84W
Lighting Source: Highlight integrated Led
Led Chip Quantity: 64pcs
Working Temperature: -20~40℃
Dominant Wavelength: 450-47nm Blue /620-660nm Red
Life Span: 50000h
LUX: 4255lux/0.5M,1110lux/1M,540lux/1.5M,320lux/2M
Irradiation Area: 10.89㎡/1M,21.16㎡/1.5M,39.69㎡/2M
luminous flux: 2779.6LM
Luminous Efficiency: 28.22 LM/W any ideas

seems like about the right wattage

Just wanted to make sure I haven’t ran one of them most the time first day I had the two running my plants started looking a little droopy

With LEDs, depending on the quality, the actual type or design of the diode itself, and how the LED or LEDs are focused with lenses or reflectors, as well as a few other factors that basically equate to the actual PAR – and more specifically the actual “μmol/m2/s” that get to the area or canopy – the amount of actual watts needed might be as little as 25 watts per square foot and as much as 50 watts per square foot.

I generally recommend about something in the middle around 35-40 watts per sq foot, but as I mentioned before, this could not necessarily be relevant for your type of grow, this a very general, generalization, lol.

Your tent is 4 feet tall?

So you have a 2ft. x 2ft. area or canopy. This means you have a total of 4sq. feet.

25 watts x 4 sq ft = 100 watts

35 watts x 4 sq ft = 140 watts

45 watts x 4 sq ft = 180 watts

50 watts x 4 sq ft = 200 watts

Your lights 20 watts + 84 watts = 104 watts. So maybe, just barely.

Let’s look at some of the other information provided with your more powerful light:

This appears to state at 1 meter high, it covers 10.89 meters sq., this can’t be correct, at least not with the intention of growing anything. It may actually cover this size area at that high, but likely not with the intensity needed.

And by the way, 4 sq feet is a little more than 1/3rd sq meter or more exactly 0.37161216 meters squared. Or a bit less than a half meter squared.

If we look at the LUX, we might have an idea of the coverage:

So at a half meter high you have 4,255 lux. LUX is based on candle power per square meter. Full Sunlight at high noon is roughly about 110,000 - 120,000 LUX.

And so I’m highly skeptical about these numbers, but the watts you can actually easily test with a watt meter at home.

And by watts alone, I’m guessing you will want a little more light.

Happy growing,



Great info MacG

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