Is this TMV Tobacco Mosaic virus?

Is it possible that my plants have caught the tobacco Mosaic virus? My very first grow, all new equipment and seeds from a trusted supplier…:confused::-1:

@FloridaSon is the only one I know that is potentially combating TMV. He might be able to help out.


Hoping it’s not…

The way those leaves are curling it seems to me like there are other things going on.

Can you fill out a support ticket?

Support Ticket

Medium (Soil, Hydro):
System type (Autopot, DWC, etc):
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir:
What is strength of nutrient mix:
Indoor or Outdoor:
Light system, size if indoor:
Size of Grow Space:
Ventilation system:
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Strain: 3 Fruit Spirit and 1 bubble kush
Medium (Soil, Hydro): soil/perlite mix
System type (Autopot, DWC, etc): autopot
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 5,8
What is strength of nutrient mix: n/a
Indoor or Outdoor: indoor tent
Light system, size if indoor: HPS 400
Size of Grow Space: tent 100 cm x 100 cm x 200 cm
Temps: 25 c day and 20 night
Humidity: 57 - 62
Ventilation system: yes, carbon filter
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: de-humidifyer
Co2: no


You haven’t fed them any nutrients yet? Are you measuring TDS/EC at all?

I have been feeding them since week 5 of the veg. We are now week to of the flower . image

Omg… it happend to me too! All the leaves started to curl instantly! In 2 days my plant died… but it has been raining constantly for 5 days and I think it was because of overwater…

Are you sure you didnt overwater your plant ?

No, I’m using autopots in a growtent.:+1:

How much of the nutes are you feeding them per gallon of water?

I’m giving about 1,5 ml/liter and 2 ml/liter of another. Exactly what it says on the bottles. I went with preflower the first 2 weeks of 12/12 and switched to flower going into week 3. Good?

Plant does look a bit overwatered to me as well

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Looks like your ph is way off to me. Being your in soil with perlite you should be 6.2 to 6.8 With your ph that far out you probably have the beginnings of a nute lock out! Nothing will correct untill you fix that. On top of that they do look over watered also.

@screwauger could you give us your thoughts?
I’ve saw you post about under watering because of wicking stopping, you think it could drowned a plant?
Support ticket says auto pot. :arrow_double_up:

Thank you,
I talked to my local plantstore today that have extensive experience of this kind of grow. They think it is to cold during the night. I’ve been in the mid sixties and the floor in the basement is cool. I will install small heater during the night and also put the pots on styrofoam. They think this is causing red stems and also that the nuts aren’t being utilised well.

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I have never used soil in my autopots. I understand or have heard that autopots is now recommending promix and perlite (as opposed to coco and perlite). This is new news to me as it was all about coco when I purchased my autopots a little over 1 yr ago.

That said, it is entirely possible to over/under water using autopots.

Are You using the airdomes @Swede4weed??

If I were in your shoes, because it looks like overwatering, I would shut off the reservoir for 24+ hours. Let the pots start to dry out.

I also agree with checking pH both in your res and in the autopot tray.

I know nothing about TMV so could not venture a guess on that.

If possible, I would haul the pots out of the tent, give them a good look (I had roots explode through the bottom and it screwed up all the wicking action of my autopots).

Tag me if you need anything more.

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I asked the store about using soil or coco and the said as long as you use a 50/50 mix soil is ok. I will take them out of the trays tonight and let them dry up a bit and see what happens. I will also have a look at the roots, maybe they have found their way out of the pots. I have ruled out TMV.

Thank for getting back to me

I’m assuming that the 1.5ml/liter is the FloraMicro, with 2ml/liter for the Grow, and now the Bloom since you are in flower?

Is that how you are doing it?

Generally I would recommend starting at half the bottle’s recommended mixture.

1.5ml/liter = ~6ml/US gallon
2ml/liter = 7.5ml/US gallon

Here is the General Hydroponics feeding chart for the Flora Series (drain to waste):

Those numbers are all per US gallon.

It looks like you are probably okay in terms of PPMs given that you are in flower. However, most of us that use the GH Flora series generally use something along the lines of their feeding schedule, but cut all the numbers in half to start out. If it were my plant it would be getting a giant flush right about now and reset. Going into week 3 of flower (end of the transition?), I would probably aim for around 800-1000 ppms ideally, but without knowing what your current PPMs are, hard to say.

Any idea what the EC and PH of your soil/perlite mix is?

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Thanks for the tag @Bogleg !


The blistered appearance of this leaf makes me suspect that you may be right about TMV, but I wonder what else made you suspect it to be the problem.

I see what looks like the leaf material has blisters on it. This is what led me to search out my problem. My leaves are more twisted than you have except for the one picture with the leaf segment curling to the side.

You definitely appear to have a watering issue, so I would pay attention to what the others advise. I don’t know anything about autopots, so I can’t help with that issue.

If it is TMV, since you are in a tent, I understand Physan2.0 can help, though I haven’t tried it due to finances. I will have to treat an acre of land to eradicate it.

It is highly contagious, so segregate it from everything else. After you resolve the other issues, we can revisit her and verify that what we’re seeing isn’t due to something else before going forward.

Your options then will be to try treating her, leaving her to grow at a stunted rate (the virus is not harmful to use from my research) or destroy her.

No matter what you decide, if she’s viral, you will have to fully sterilize EVERYTHING !

You will have to tag me to get my attention. Feel free to do so whenever you need to…