Is this the typical way “true leafs” fall off?

The main new leafs seem to be doing just fine and healthy. Baby leafs are almost yellowing/browning. I asked a similar question to this and got answers but I’d prefer to ask again and seek advice from people who have done this. So basically is this baby plant in good condition?

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I think it is typical . It looks fine to me , at the moment . The brown leaf would not be a concern if it were my plant . I would be more concerned about the the time release fertilizer soil you are using . That might become a problem later on as the plant grows . Lets let some others offer their thoughts .


Welcome to the forum @Knivie you look good to me… those real small leafs at the bottom supply the seedling plant with everything it needs when it first breaks ground. As the plant uses them up they brown and die off. @Seeddog has a good eye to see that little ball of fertilizer. What size pots are your plants in?