Is this the right time to harvest?

Hi everybody, Well this is my first grow, I’m growing a autoflower that is said to be a 7 week strain( 7 weeks from start of flowering that is…lol ) But I can’t tell if my plants are really ready to harvest , They are 60% indica 30% sativa ( strain is called “Candy Cane” ), at this point I don’t want to harvest too early or wait too long, , To me they look like they may need more time , But I could be wrong…if you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate any of your experience and wisdom on this matter, here are some pictures I hope someone can help with my dilemma ( with my health issues my eyesight is poor and trying to see trichomes clearly is difficult… )…thank you…Peace

She’s not ready just yet I’d give it about a week, 2 weeks at most

Hi Kane,
definitely getting close.

the white light that goes along with taking a magnified pic, makes it difficult. but i dont see much clear at all in those pics.

Agreed not many clear but safe to say on is it ready, what kind of high do you want couch lock or uplifting and euphoric

actually I’m looking for a NON" paranoia happy uplifting relaxing high that will than lead to a deep sleep after eating half the food in the refrigerator…lol, But seriously this strain is ( from what the seed company advertised ) is suppose to do, ( ( I suffer from PTSD among other things ) and paranoia is not something that would be …Beneficial?..;), in the pictures I’m posting ( I thought it would give a better overall view of each plant ) both plants are the same autoflower strain but it seems to me that the short one ( which began flowering first , About 3 days earlier ) is showing a more indica and her big sister is looking very sativa the little one started flowering on November 28th and the big one started about 3 to 4 days later, So as of January 15th it’s been 7 weeks…Oh yeah and there’s little to no odor, The little one smells like good ol cannabis , her sister smells like pine with a hint of citri…also the fan leaves are yellowing ( from what I’ve researched this is what happens when they are flowering ) I’m hoping these added pictures and information will give a better idea of when to harvest these Ladies. Thank you for helping me with this …finding the “sweet spot” for harvest takes experience and since this is my first time growing Anything all your help and input is greatly appreciated…Peace


The little one could probably be harvested in a week, the leaves turn yellow because they use the nutrients for the buds, the big one still looks like she has a couple weeks left, keep in mind the bigger the plant=longer mature time cause not all buds get equal light

Also keep this in mind for future reference buddy, 50/50 cloudy/milky=uplifting and euphoric, 70-100% Amber=couch lock effect

that narrows the range a bit. and you left out the “sweet” spot

according to ILGM guide:
half cloudy: speedy high. lower thc content
mostly cloudy: intense, pain relieving. peak thc potency
cloudy and amber: relaxing, anxiety-reducing. lower thc%, higher cbn%


Yup that about sums it up.
Right on Majiktoker.


Thanks for all your input it is greatly appreciated, I called the seed company about their claim of these girls being a 7 week strain and they stand by their claims…I guess I did something wrong this being my first grow I’m pretty sure I screwed something up…lol, I’m puzzled over a couple things I’m seeing with my tallest plant a few of her sugar leafs have turned a copper/brown color ( I’ve never seen that before , hope you can see them with the pictures I took ) also about half of her fan leaves are yellow on the smaller plant the leafs look not just yellow but burnt and dying rather quickly…oh yeah and now both plants are producing “Oder”…( I’m guessing the resin production is accelerating? ) …, now I know you all have said they’ve got about a week or two more and you all know more than I do…But from all my research on this particular strain of autoflower it’s been 7 week Sooooo is this a common thing for auto’s to have a longer harvest window?..Thank you all …Peace

What produces the smell you smell, is called “terpines” but the yellowing of the leaves again happens naturally as the plant gets older and more mature, once the terpines come in and you can smell her you know the plant is maturing…the plant will discolor naturally as it gets ready for harvest because 2 reasons. 1st reason is because it takes all nutrients from the leaves and transfers them into the buds, 2nd it’s telling the plant she’s nearing the end of her cycle due to the changing in the season. Otherwise could be a calcium or magnesium problem as well as phosphorus or potassium

my understanding of this part of the plants life cycle isnt directly related to time anymore.
on every site that sells seeds…you will see an average flowering time. but there are soooo many factors that will determine actual progress.
anywhere on the internet will say the same thing…trichomes tell the truth,…not the clock.


I’m sure everyone would agree they could use a good flush before harvest… where did you find that strain if you don’t mind…I also deal with ptsd and would like to give it a try

Been flushing the 2 getting ready, feeding the other 2. One of them I’m pushing the level of nutes i give it. It’s so healthy i figured i would experiment a little. Can’t wait to start my second grow.


The strain is Candy cane feminized autoflower from crop king seeds…

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should I give them a feeding???a light feeding would it screw things up? I’m using organic earth juice bloom and catalyst…(molasis and kelp )

3 days ago, a few of us agreed that your trichomes were mostly cloudy.

that is the most accurate indicator of peak harvest time.

so im confused why there is still confusion on this matter?

were the pics of trichomes only the small plant?

are you purposely waiting longer, for more amber to show up?

sorry about still asking questions, But since I don’t have a clear view of the trichomes ( yes I would like about 20% amber so the possibility of “paranoia” won’t set in and a higher CBN count ) also there are still a lot of white pistils showing ( I thought the pistils at maturity were suppose to “recede back into the calyx and they should be more caramel or brown in color, Then add the addiction of some of the advice to wait a week or more before harvest …Believe me I would love to be able to clearly see the trichomes up close and personal and gauge it the right way but as I stated " I can’t see them clearly”…thank you all…PEACE …and the pics of the trichomes were from mostly the litte plant

White pistols means your buds are still growing, and if flush the little one probably wouldn’t flush it out now