Is this the norm?


So in second week of flower on the sour D. Been feeding bloom nutes, every other watering. Frequency about every other day. All of a sudden the girls are taking twice as much water before I get any runoff? The girls are looking very healthy and seem to be starting some nice healthy looking blooms. I have good soil, fox farms, not too compacted, 5 gallon pots, gravel in bottom 2 inches of pots.
So is this the norm? PH is 6.4, ppm in is close to ppm out.


It’s normal for me as it’s happening to me too, lol. 3 1/2 weeks into flower and I used to get 25% runoff with 1 gallon. Now I need at least 1 1/2 gallon to get that runoff. My thinking is they are drinking up every ounce of water now that they are packing on the pounds.


Pretty normal, lots going on right now.


I thought, assumed or probably hoped this would be the response I would receive. Thanks for confirming my suspicion. I was worried I had done something wrong.