Is this the best grow light for a 3x3x5

I have a 3x4 foot print and am using 2-QB288V2s with a 240w driver. I think I need a little more and will be moving in a 1500w/260w actual draw blurple LED.

I don’t know much about COBs though. Folks who do will be along shortly. That lamp pulls an actual draw of 210w and it includes the power to run three cooling fans. Shooting from the hip, I think that light may be a little short on power for a 3x3 footprint in flower.

Lots of folks here will push you towards quantum boards. I am in the process moving all my lamps to QB. I do like my 1500w blurple too. It suits it’s purpose, its just a little less efficient.


…No, it’s not…

@MattyBear don’t you run a 3x3 that you can recommend a light on?


Thanks for that. I have a 150W LED it worked well for my first grow, but I feel like my yield would be better if I had a stronger light.


Nope, not the best for a 3 x 3


Thanks for the tag @TDubWilly
I run a 260w Quantum Board Kit in one of my 3x3 tents and a DIY strip light in my other 3x3 tent. The QBs are gonna be the easiest way to get the best bang for your buck :v::bear:


Thanks. is this what you’re talking about?