Is this the beginning


Is this the beginning of bud growing? I’m not sure since I was told the others were definite males and I should cut them down (which I did) now I’m very nervous about the remaining. Are these females blooming or no. If yes, how long would you say I’m from harvest and drying?


That’s definitely a female and yes it has started to flower, you have have along time till it’s ready to harvest depending on the strain , it looks healthy btw


Yes, you’ve got a blooming female, congrats.


Id say 8 to 10 weeks before the “BIG” cut happens. Nice green girl tho


Woohoo flowers
Definitely a female ,definitely flowering
Youll have fun watching them stack up now lol
Definitely have some time to go 10-12 weeks at least but as mentioned that depends on strain


Thanks for the input. No idea what strain. Just tried some seeds from some reg.


Thanks for the input. Not bad for my first time I guess.


Thanks for the input


Thanks for the input and compliment. Not bad for my first time I guess. :slight_smile: