Is this the Aloe Vera I’ve read about?

I’ve been reading a lot on how Aloe Vera is good from a foiler spray to a root drench. Is this what there talking about? It says it’s 100% pure organic aloe from cold press extraction method. Anyone use it on their girls? I’ve read it even combats powdery mildew?


I use this

What you have is acceptable to use on plants as long as there aren’t any chemical preservatives or stabilizers in it.

Also, here’s my write up that I posted in the lab, when it still existed.
Aloe Vera Benefits to Plants:

Growth & root development

In addition to human-use, we can apply the stellar properties of aloe vera to benefit other plants – like those in your garden! Aloe contains plant hormones that help stimulate new root growth, aid in seed germination, and can ease or prevent transplant shock. We try to water our newly transplanted seedlings with aloe vera, especially if they’re looking stressed. Another way to prevent transplant shock is properly hardening off indoor seedlings before they are planted outdoors.

As a nutrient accumulator, aloe vera is reported to contain over 75 active constituents, including amino acids, enzymes, lignins, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins (A, C, E, and B2, 3, 5, 6, & 12) along with choline, calcium, magnesium, zinc & more. These things combined make aloe a natural, mild but potent “fertilizer” for plants. This superfood-like tonic can be used for enhancing root development, cell strength, and overall plant vitality!

Disease resistance & resilience

Aloe vera also promotes a strong plant immune system for disease resistance. It contains three very important compounds for plant health: acemannan, saponins, and salicylic acid.

Acemannan is a therapeutic compound in aloe vera that stimulates the immune system and has antiviral, antibacterial, antitumor, and antifungal properties. It also aids in wound healing. Saponins help protect the plant from harmful microbes, yeast, mold, and fungi.

Salicylic acid is involved in local and systemic plant defense responses against pathogens, by enhancing the plant’s systemic acquired resistance (SAR). SAR is essentially the plant equivalent of the human immune system. It protects the plant and increases its resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, chilling, heat, heavy metal toxicity, and osmotic stress.

Pretty rad, right?! And guess what? We can easily gift all of the good stuff inside aloe to other plants – through a soil drench or foliar spray… I’m sure you’re eager to try now after reading all of that!


@av8ersteve thank you for bringing this to light this morning. I have never heard of using AloeVera on plants. I’ve worked with perennials for a couple of decades. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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@Budbrother thank you for doing the work and posting the results and facts that backup using this extract for cannabis plants. Thank you for posting the exact product you use. You folks make this like paint by number if you pay attention. Your time and wisdom are most appreciated. :+1:t2::+1:t2:
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