Is this still nutrient burn?

Hello all I had a boo boo with nutrients when my plants were seedlings. It stunted their growth but 2 recovered very well and the other 2 have not much with one of those 2 not at all. The one of the two that started to recover is now showing rust spots on the leaves. I was wondering if this is still a result of the prior issue?

These seeds were a cross between a photo and an auto as well so I also am thinking maybe two of them are autos. Not sure but they are all 34 days old. They are all in fox farms soil. I have done everything the same with all 4. Not sure what’s up.

Not looking for info on how to correct t it really. If someone has some they know will work I’m game. Really I want some opinions and see what everyone thinks so I do not make the same mistake.

These two are doing better

These two are not

Hey, ok let’s start with this and we will go from there, cause after reading confused, Autos, or photos ? Then

Your plant looks good, low leafs die it happens

That third pic it looks like u have a phosphorus deficiency or a nitrogen deficiency

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Looks over watered and ph out of whack locking out nutrients. Bring your ph to 6.5 and let your medium dry out between waterings. When you water or feed make sure to get runoff of about 20 %.