Is this starting to flower?

First time grower, also first time with auto flowers. I am wondering if these girls are starting to flower. If so what’s the next step I have to do as far as humidity, temperature, light cycle?


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And yes they starting flowering, congratulations happy growing

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About humidity in flowering stage should be 55 to 45 and temperature should be 75 to 70 F

If it’s an auto, you can run the lights 24/7. However, some growers like to give the plant a little dark. I used to do a 20 on/4 off cycle with Autos, and it worked well. And yeah, in flower you want to slowly lower humidity. Where they are now, 50% is fine, but as the bud swells you want to go down to 40%, and if the buds are really fat, or if it’s a mold-prone strain, take it down to 35% in late flower. As for temps, some strains like it hotter than others. Mid 70’s is safe for pretty much any strain. If you take the temps down at night (mid-60’s) it can help the colors pop.

Congrats its a girl

This chart from lumigrow contains a bunch of info including temps and RH